Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Back to business...

Hello again, bet you thought I'd died or buggered off. No such luck.
Anyway, no rages or rants this week, just a great deal of positive thinking. Positive drinking, too, with a bit of luck.

Because this weekend, the Countess and I are hitting the Herofest.

(fairly random clipart of a larper who has found out the bar's closing. Or something)

Larper fairs are always fun, in the same way that any scene which depends on making your own entertainment rather than watching 'famous' people do stuff is fun. I have often thought that one of the reasons mainstream culture seems to hold DIY-style social scenes in such contempt could be the lack of opportunity to profit from them.

That might sound daft when you remember that I'm going to the event to Sell Things To People, but while Larpers (and pagans, perverts and morris dancers) are not averse to shopping, what they don't tend to go in for is aimless, flappy, insecurity-based panic-buying. They're not wild about big corporations telling them that whatever they want or do is wrong and they need to Buy More Different Stuff instead. To participate in an unusual hobby, you have to be quite sure of yourself and comfortable with your own tastes. And the Evil Lizard Overlords don't care for that.

Mostly, though, there will be booze, congenial company, and interesting stuff to look at. Which is always good.

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