Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Bunch of arse - or not?

Yes, I changed the profile picture. Yes, it used to be a picture of my arse, and I decided to remove it.

Oh please, put your tissues down. It was just an arse, and a clothed arse at that. And a very old pic, taken as a favour one night in the old studio around the inception of the very wonderful SharkInfestedWaters website, though I have a feeling the particular image was destined for use on a flyer for a club I was then running. The picture later got re-used as a book cover.

Yes, it was about the only useful and appropriate picture I had handy. And, for a book about shagging, well, it's a picture of an arse, in PVC. And, for a while, for a blog which is, if not about shagging then about sexual behaviour and erotic fiction (when not ranting about general politics, feminism, atheism and market trading) that was also a useful and appropriate picture. 

Only I've gone off the idea of waving my arse at people in a general sort of way. For one thing, I don't want to perpetuate the idea that every woman into kink really really wants to bend over and wave her arse at Her Master. I'm a top, end of. So until I can manage to coordinate a photoshoot of me doing something fiendish to some fit bloke's arse, profile pics will consist of items from the stock cupboard.

And speaking of which, if you fancy buying the book depicted above, please do! It's not a bad little effort even though it's over 10 years old and Of Its Time ie issues that could have been solved by Googling have to be solved by other measures and all that.

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